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Our Services

Our Services

vote2sort offers 2 types of online voter access services. You can use one, the other, or make use of both in a hybrid approach.

  • Public Polling Approach

    Public polling refers to the process of collecting opinions and preferences from the general population on various issues or candidates. Polls are typically conducted openly, allowing anyone to participate and often serving as a gauge of public sentiment on a particular topic..

  • Private Elections Approach

    Private elections, on the other hand, involve voting processes where the identity of the voter and their choices are kept confidential. This confidentiality is crucial for ensuring the integrity and fairness of the electoral process, as it prevents coercion or intimidation and maintains the principle of one person, one vote.

  • Public Polling + Private Election = Hybrid Approach

    Our hybrid approach in online voting combines elements of both public polling and private elections. With this system, certain aspects of the voting process may be transparent and open to public scrutiny, while other elements, such as the individual voter's identity and specific choices, remain private and protected. Our hybrid model aims to strike a balance between transparency and confidentiality, seeking to maximize both trust in the electoral process and the security of individual votes.

At vote2sort, You're In The Driver's Seat.

vote2sort believes in empowering you with as much control as possible. Whether you're using one or multiple online voting approaches, we encourage you to manage your list / contests your way customizing your preferences, or shaping your online experience, we put the power firmly in your hands.

With our intuitive tools and user-friendly interface, you have the freedom to tailor many aspect of your experience according to your unique needs and preferences.

We understand that your needs are unique, which is why we offer flexible solutions that adapt to your requirements.

List Type & Features

See What We Offer: List Types & Features

The list is the heart of our system. On the public polling side or the private election side, where the list is called a contest, this is the visual representation of what you want to display to the public you engage with.

vote2sort offers 2 types of lists and several list specific features. Our aim is to provide as much control over lists as desired to maximize usefulness, effectiveness, and accuracy.

List Types

  • Classic (Thumbnail) List

    This is our original list type. A classic list will display a slightly larger than thumbnail.

  • Hero List

    This list type is essentially the same as our classic list type, however the list item image is much larger.


List / Contests

vote2sort only allows voting and commenting on individual list items. This will provide more granular data for more accurate feedback.
When an up or down vote can be cast, the system will calculate a score based on our formula in conjunction with the number of up and down votes for that item. * The items in the list will be automatically sorted and re-sorted based on the calculated score.
For elections, these lists items appear as candidates for a particular contest. * You can vote on one or multiple candidates.

* - depending on individual list settings

List Features

In an effort to provide as much flexibility to you as possble, vote2sort provides additional list configuraiton options to customize you and your audience's experience.

  • * Start Date

    If this value is set, it will represent the date that any published list will be made available to the public on our platform. Until this date is reached, the list will not be accessible or searchable in our system.

  • * End Date

    if this value is set, it will represent the date at which the list will be considered closed. A closed list will not allow anyone to vote or comment on its items. It will still be available for anyone to search for and navigate to.

  • * Vote Hint Text

    If this value if present, the supplied text will show up next to each list item’s vote arrows. This value will provide the visitors with a hint as to what and up or down vote would mean in the context of this list.

  • * Display Realtime Vote Counts

    The default will be on, but if a list owner toggles this feature off, the associated real-time vote counts will not be displayed until the list end date (if applicable) is reached. The background calculations and automatic item re-ordering will still work as currently designed

  • * What Vote Types Are Allowed

    This will determine which (if any) arrows are to be included in this list. A value of None can represent a list that is purely for informational purposes.

  • *** Searchable?

    This will determine if the list will be displayed in any of this site's search results or will only be accessible if the user has the specific URL. This setting is best used if a list is to be included in a third party site via our "list partner" feature. This feature can also be used is a list is meant for a private election only.

  • * How List Items Are Sorted

    This will determine how the list's item will be displayed. The default is in calculated order. This means that the calculated totals for each item will determine the display order. A value Always Random will cause the list item to always be displayed in random order regardless of individual item calculations.

  • * Votes per List

    This will determine how voting is to take place. The valid options are to allow all visitors to vote up or down on multiple list items or to restrict voting to and up or down vote on only one (1) item per list per user per device.

  • * Vote Calculations

    This will determine how votes will be calculated. The default (weighted) means that votes will be weighted based on pre-assigned applicaiton values for anonymous, authenticated, and prolific users. Equal means that all votes will be calculated equally regardless of user type.

  • ** Max Vote Count

    This will determine how votes can be cast for a contest in a private election.

  • ** Election

    This will assign the list / contest to a predefined eleciton..

* - applicable to lists used in public polling.

** - applicable to lists when conducting private elections.

*** - applicable to the hybrid approach (public polling / private election)


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Years ago our team set out to create a site that would be fun and interactive for everyone. We felt that if people were engaged then they would come back over and over again to learn about the world from us and in turn we could learn about the world from them.
Thus vote2sort was born.
vote2sort aims to entertain, educate and inspire via our “Opinionator” site. We believe that there are many ways to achieve this goal. Our choice is to present interesting and unique lists on various subjects. Along with our content creation partners, we are confident that we have something that will interest you.

What makes us different?

We take our tagline “Your Vote Counts” seriously.
At vote2sort, we allow you to vote on the individual list items, not the list as a whole. Based on your vote, the item may move up or down on the list providing you direct participation in the process. The same applies to comments. We have found that people love to express their opinion in the form of comments and at vote2sort, you are able to comment on each list item as well.
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